Imriels Montreve

Player character Human Paladin


Name:Imriel Montreve

Type:Player character




Class:Paladin (Oath of Vengeance) 3

Player:Edgars Nemše

Alignment:Neutral Good





Apperance:Black hairPurple eyes Fairly buff

(Neutral Good Goddess of Equilibrium,
Balance, Just retribution, Revolt)

Place of origin: Azālas karaliste

Prince Imriel Montreve from Kingdom of Azal


  • Isabelle Montreve (mother, Queen of Azal, deceased)
  • James Montreve (father, King of Azal, deceased)
  • Roland (paladin mentor, deceased)
  • Betrayed by Melisande (mother’s sister) and Garad (orc leader, husband of Melisande)
  • Fjastafirs Frosts (half-elf, teammate, half brother from father side)


My name is Prince Imriel Montreve of Azal and this is my story.

I was born a prince of Azal, a small kingdom in the northern parts to my mother, Queen Isabelle Montreve and her husband, my father James.
I had a good childhood, for Azal was peaceful and prosperous, owning to the leadership of my mother. I spent my days learning the ways of rulership from my mother, as well as a myriad of other subjects from the best tutors my family could find. My father, a clever man in his own right, taught me the game of chess, which we played often in the palace’s hall of games.
And I found a mentor and a friend in the captain of my mother’s personal guard Roland. He was a paladin, a man past his prime, with short-cropped graying hair and deep brown eyes that had seen to much pain for one life, for the peace in Azal was hard won, long before my time. He taught me to defend myself, and more importantly he imparted on me the value honour and justice.

My childhood however came to an abrupt end during my 17th year.
I was awoken in the middle of night by sounds of battle beyond the doors of my sleeping chamber. I scrambled out of my bed and grabbed my sword, as all of a sudden the doors burst open, and through came Roland, his battle axe covered in blood and his face set in grim determination.
-“Put on your armour, grab whatever supplies you can carry, we’re leaving. NOW!”
-“What… what’s going on!?” I asked with a sinking feeling in my stomach.
-“Orcs, the castle has been overrun! I’m here to make sure you get out alive”
-“My parents! Where are they?”
-“Imriel – your parents, they’re… gone.”
-“No! No, that can’t be! We have to go find them!”
-“They were too many orcs, we were overrun. Your mother made me promise I would get you out alive, and I will keep my promise even if I have to knock you out and carry you over my shoulder. So unless you want that to happen I suggest you get your stuff and let’s go!”

We fought our way to the stables.
As we rode away from the flaming city, Roland told me what had happened – my mother was betrayed by her sister Melisande. She made a deal with the Orc leader Garad and opened the city gates. They set fire to the barracks and barred the doors, most of the city guard were burned alive. The men of my mother’s guard led by Roland fought bravely, but there were so many of orcs. When it was clear it was over, my mother sent Roland to protect me.
Melisande now rules Azal as the wife of Garad.

I vowed then and there to kill Melisande avenge my kingdom, my family and bring justice to anyone who would put others in harms way to further their own ambition. I asked Roland if he would train me to become a paladin and he agreed.

After traveling and training together for a couple of years, one night we were attacked by bandits.
We fought them off, but Roland was mortally wounded during the battle. As i was kneeling beside him, my knees wet from the puddle of blood beneath him, gasping for breath he spoke
-“Ah, Imriel. Looks like this is the end of the road for me”
-“Nonsense, you’ll be fine! Just, wait here, I’ll get my horse, we’ll find a healer and…”
-“Imriel, stop! The sword went clean through my lungs, there’s no magic in the realm that can heal that and you know it. Listen,”
He said, spitting out a what looked to be enough blood to fill a cup of wine.
-“I don’t have much time. Your training is almost complete. Go out in the world, finish what we started, swear your oath and avenge your family…” he trailed off.
-“No, please, don’t die! I’m not ready, I need you, you’re the only one I have left!” I cried out, tears stinging my eyes.
But the stillness of death was already settling over his weary eyes. He was gone.
And so I ventured out on my own.

I traveled the land and earned my money as a sword for hire, always looking for a chance to prove myself a worthy paladin, yet none came.

Pēc pāris gadiem es viens sēdēju krogā un malkoju viskiju. Pie blakus galdiņa es dzirdēju rūķi, kā vēlāk noskaidroju vārdā Gundrels Akmeņradis, apspriežam nelielu darbiņu. Es biju plānojis doties tajā pašā virzienā, tāpēc es sevi iepazīstināju un pieteicos kā freelanceris, un pārejais ir, tā teikt, vēsture.



  • Azal was quite into free love, Imriel’s dad was quite the ladies man and had many affairs, and Imriel too won’t pass upon carnal pleasures, to the point of it being a flaw

Combat Statistics

Sessions: 9
Knocked Out Unconscious: 3
Deaths: 0
Critical hits: 5
Critical fails: 0
Kills: 25 (Significant: 2)
Non Lethal Knockouts: 1 (Significant: 0)
Live Saves: 5
Inspiration: 8
Signature move: Longsword (name unknown) stab



Imriels Montreve

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